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Aybar_Fiberglass Dining Table 04W.jpeg

VAVA OBJECTS was founded by Elin Aschberg & Esmeralda Vidfar.

With an essentialistic approach they create laboriously crafted furniture and objects by exploring the raw nature of materials and pushing its limits to find balance. It is a continuing exploration and an incessant conversation between the past and the future, reason and soul.

Based in Sweden & Italy. 

dusty deco foto sido bordet 2x3.jpg
dusty deco foto sido bordet_2x3.jpg


A thin table top, carried by column legs, all made out of raw fibreglass. 
These products are hand made by a master artisan and they all have their personal irregularities, it is the nature of the fibreglass and its craftmanhship. 

All tables are made to order and can be customised.

Please contact us for more information. 

Delivery within 12 weeks. Prices on request.

Aybar_Fiberglass Dining Table 03W.jpeg


Fibreglass is an extremely durable material that withstand the forces of time and pressure. We like to leave it unmasked and play with its natural transparency to give the material life.

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